Tour of the Orkneys, 2007

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Start date 8th November 2006    Last updated 4th June 2007

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As usual, I went to the Motorcycle Show at the NEC to book my tour with Highland Rider.

This time my son came with me to Birmingham, he wanted to see the show (and get the first ride on the back of my new "toy".

Peter (of Highland Rider) was in good form, and readily took my booking. Fiona (Peter’s better half), wasn’t there, she was visiting relatives. However, Steve was helping Peter, and it was good to see him again.

26th May - Journey to Scotland

Some Loch Linlithgow inhabitants
Local pests

I chose the M6 and A7 as the main route north, the A7 is an enjoyable road, with sweeping bends, and good overtaking oportunities. The journey up was eventful, traffic was moderate, only a couple of congestion hold-ups on the M6, so no complaints. Weather: about 12C (54F), mostly dry but some light rain. About six hours including stops.

Stayed overnight at the West Point Hotel. Peter books us in there because of its convenience, not its quality, but it's quite adequate. I met up with the rest, Richard and Jackie, Jed and Janet, Ken and Janet, Martin and Simon (brothers), and Mark. I'd met all except the last three on previous tours.

Approximate day's statistics: 307 miles, 52.4 mpg (UK), 43.7 mpg (US).

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